Fokker 50

With a stretched airframe the Fokker 50 offers improved onboard space, winglets and a greater number of windows throughout the fuselage to its predecessors.

Embraer 120

The EMB120 is a twin prop commuter airliner. The ideal aircraft for Quick trips as it provides high cruise speeds.

Jetstream 41

This regional Turbo prop is a stretched version of the popular Jetstream 31. This aircraft accommodates passengers in a one by two seating arrangement

Dash-8 Q300-Q400

The Dash-8 is a series of regional Turbo prop airliners. The aircraft is a cost effective option for moving larger groups.

Beechcraft 1900

The Beechcraft 1900 is a 19 passenger, pressurized twin turbo prop. Primarily used as a regional airliner it is also extremely popular for government organizations as well as doing work force logistics for larger groups

Cessna Grand Caravan

Known for its versatility and being able to carry passengers and cargo into remote regions and land on short and dirt runways the caravan is a non-pressurized single piston prop and perfect for small cargo and safari trips.

Pilatus PC-12

Able to land on short airstrips the Pilatus PC12 is very much known as a reliable work horse. 8 Passengers sit comfortably in club seat configuration and the luggage compartment is accessible in flight.

King air 90/200/350

The king air family are all Twin Turbo Props which means they have the capabilities to fly faster, further and higher than Piston Prop Aircraft. Pressurized cabins, lavatories and baggage compartments make for a very pleasant journey whether it be a business trip or a quick getaway that landing on a dirt strip is required.