Gulfstream G650ER

A G650 plane is flying on the sea and mountain

The G650ER is the upgrade from the G550 with longer range and fuel efficiency. 17 Passengers can be accommodated and 8 of those seats recline into a flat bed

Gulfstream G550/G500

A white plane is flying over the clouds

Seating up to 14 passengers or can sleep up to 8 passengers the G500/G550 combines speed with range and does not compromise on comfort.

Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault falcon-7x is flying over the clouds on a beautiful day

The Falcon 7X is a trijet aircraft that not only offers 14 seats in club and divan configuration but 28 Large windows. This aircraft can land with 90% of its take-off weight which results in fewer fuel stops for long-haul flights.

Bombardier Global 6000

White bombardier global 6000 is preparing for take off

These ultra-long range heavy jets seat 14 passengers in club and divan configurations with 6 seats able to be converted into flat beds. The back of the cabin is also designed to be turned into a private suite.

Bombardier Global XRS/5000

Privet jet Bombardier Global-5000 is flying over the sea on a sunny day

Boasting one of the tallest cabins and seating 13 passengers on fully reclining seats the Global 5000 also comes with a lounge / bedroom for privacy.