Aircraft Lease

Our aircraft leasing services provide lease solutions that enable our clients to use aircraft over an extended period of time without the financial burden of an outright purchase. We offer leasing on an ACMI or dry lease basis. An ACMI lease arrangement enables our clients to pay an hourly rate which includes crew, maintenance, and insurance. Variable costs apply for crew accommodation, fuel, landing and parking expenses. This provides a considerable saving in comparison to bulk hourly agreements in which variable costs are charged at the rate of the highest cost destination.

Leasing an aircraft allows our clients the benefits of ownership without the financial burden of a depreciating asset. Clients have the freedom to upgrade the aircraft intermittently without having to go through the sales process. Many clients also find that leasing enables them the freedom to be discreet about personal wealth while enjoying all the benefits of aircraft ownership. Unnamra Aviation is dedicated to finding a solution that works for you.