2024 Guide to Finding Empty Leg Flights for One-Way Travel

Finding Empty Leg Flights for One-Way Travel

As a time-conscious business executive, you understand the difficulties of arranging last-minute air travel for one-way trips.

Finding an affordable charter flight on short notice can be frustrating, but there’s a little-known option that could help: empty leg flights. These are repositioning legs that occur when private jets need to fly without passengers to be in place for their next charter. By booking one of these empty legs, you can secure flights at a fraction of the regular charter price.

This guide explains empty legs, where to find them, and how to book affordable one-way travel through this charter option. Read on to learn how empty leg flights can provide a convenient, budget-friendly solution for your urgent transportation needs.


What Are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty leg flights refer to private jet flights that are repositioning before or after dropping off passengers at their destination. Operators aim to fill these flights to maximise revenue, offering major discounts for one-way travel on short notice.

Private jet operators publish details on available empty leg flights, including departure/arrival points and dates, aircraft specifications, and fares. Travellers can then book with the broker, providing the details of all passengers.

Brokers handle reservations, all required paperwork, and ground transportation. Travellers simply arrive at the departure airport on the scheduled date, check in at the private terminal, and board their flight.


Who Uses Empty Leg Flights?

Empty leg flights appeal to leisure travellers seeking a luxury experience, those needing to travel for business or personal reasons, and those booking an affinity charter. Wealthy and high-net-worth individuals also use empty legs for one-way transport. The significant cost savings and convenience empty legs provide make this charter option desirable.


Finding and Booking Empty Leg Flights

There are several options for finding empty leg flights. For example, private aircraft charter brokers like Unnamra Aviation continually monitor availability across a range of operators. In most cases, booking involves paying a deposit to reserve the flight, with the balance due before departure. Booking through a private jet charter broker allows for a single point of contact and often the best overall value through access to a range of aircraft and competitive fares. For a luxury travel experience at an accessible price, empty leg flights offer an appealing air transportation option, among many other desirable benefits.


Finding and Booking Empty Leg Flights

The Benefits of Booking an Empty Leg Charter Flight

An empty leg flight affords you the following benefits:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Luxury travel
  3. Convenience


1. Cost Savings

Booking an empty leg charter flight allows you to take advantage of unused capacity on an existing flight at a fraction of the cost of a traditional charter. Empty legs are one-way flights that jets take to reposition themselves, and the seats that would normally be empty can be booked at up to 70% off standard charter rates. For those looking to travel one way for business or personal reasons, Empty Legs provides an affordable private aviation solution.


2. Luxury Travel

An empty leg charter provides the luxury experience of private jet travel at a more affordable cost. You can expect exceptional service, premium amenities, spacious cabins, and lavish interiors designed for comfort. Most jets also provide features like lie-flat beds, Wi-Fi, and high-end catering options. For those seeking a touch of indulgence for a special trip, an empty leg flight allows you to travel in style without the hefty price tag.


3. Convenience

Private charters provide convenience by taking the stress out of travel. They adhere to your schedule, not the schedules of commercial carriers.

You won’t have to worry about missed connections, long check-in lines, or the potential cancellations of a scheduled flight. Your jet will be there waiting to transport you directly to your destination so you can avoid the hassle of connecting through busy hub airports. For time-sensitive trips, the reliability and efficiency of charter flight services are essential.

So, how do you locate and book these flight options? Keep reading as we explore the various ways to find affordable empty leg flights below!


How to Find Empty Leg Flights on Broker Websites

Empty leg brokers work with operators of private jets to fill empty seats on scheduled flights that need to reposition or return to their home base. They also offer major discounts, often up to 70% off standard charter rates. Independent brokers like Unnamra Aviation allow you to request empty leg deals and book seats on flights across their network. You may find good options for one-way and multi-city itineraries when you contact them.


Empty Leg Flights on Broker Websites


By keeping a close eye out for deals on empty leg and one-way charter flights, you can find affordable private jet booking if a one-way commercial plane flight isn’t an option. With some persistence, you can snag a luxury flight at a fraction of the standard fare. But what’s the actual cost, and what factors dictate how much you pay? Let’s find out!


How Much Do Empty Leg Flights Cost?

When estimating the cost of an empty leg flight, there are several factors to be considered. As an independent broker, we have access to thousands of aircraft and flights worldwide, allowing us to find affordable options for one-way travel. Usually, the final cost of an empty leg flight will depend on the aircraft type, route taken, and services offered.


Aircraft Type

The type of aircraft significantly impacts the price. Light jets like the Phenom 300 or Citation CJ3 will typically cost less than a large-cabin Gulfstream G650. The aircraft’s range and amenities also affect the rate. Newer, longer-range and larger aircraft with superior cabin finishes will command a higher price.



The origin and destination of the empty leg flight are another important set of cost determinants. Flights to and from major cities and regions like London, New York, Dubai and Singapore will often cost more due to higher demand. Booking from a remote airport can also result in a higher price. One-way flights across continents or oceans tend to be more expensive than those within a region due to longer flight times and fuel requirements.


Additional Services

Any supplemental services requested will increase the total bill. Catering, ground transportation, baggage handling services, and landing/handling fees for some airports may be charged separately. Medical evacuation flights, in particular, may require additional staffing, life support equipment, and planning, resulting in higher costs.

By evaluating these factors for your specific empty leg flight needs, you can obtain a reasonably accurate estimate of the total price. Our team can then search for the most affordable options that meet your requirements and budget. With access to a vast network of aircraft and flights, we strive to find the best value solutions for one-way private jet travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is An Empty Leg Flight?

An empty leg flight, which is the return portion of a booked private charter, can cost significantly less than a full charter. It’s usually about 50% of the cost of a regular charter.


How To Get An Empty Leg Flight?

To get an empty leg flight, keep an eye on listings from private jet charter companies and trusted brokers. These flights become available after a one-way booking, offering a chance to experience luxury air travel at a fraction of the standard cost. Book quickly, as these opportunities are often time-sensitive and in demand.


Are Empty Leg Flights Worth It?

Absolutely, empty leg flights are worth considering if you have a flexible schedule and desire the luxury of private jet travel without the full cost. They offer significant savings while providing the same high-end experience and privacy, making them a savvy choice for most travellers.



Empty leg flights provide a cost-effective transportation solution for one-way travel. By understanding the nature of empty legs and leveraging providers who specialise in filling these unused routes, you can take advantage of significant savings and convenience.

Approach empty legs as one component of your overall travel strategy, factoring in amenities, timing, and baggage allowances. The key is finding an established broker with a large network of aircraft options to match you with the ideal empty leg flight. With the right partner, empty legs give you access to private aviation at a fraction of the cost.