How to Charter a Private Jet: A Luxury Traveler’s 2024 Guide

How to Charter a Private Jet

You’re probably planning a trip and looking for ways to make it truly memorable. How about chartering a private jet? Flying in a private jet transforms your entire journey and adds to the overall luxury experience.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know on how to charter a private jet, from choosing the right aircraft and vetting operators to the cost of hiring private jets. Given our experience as a go-to private jet broker, we’ll provide insider tips to help you charter like a pro and make your private flight as enjoyable as your destination.


Why Charter a Private Jet?

A private jet charter offers the following benefits:

  1. Time savings
  2. Increased flexibility and convenience
  3. Enhanced privacy and security
  4. Cost-efficiency for groups


1. Time Savings

Using private jet rentals allows you to save significant amounts of time when travelling. You can fly directly to your destination from a local airport close to your point of origin without connecting flights or long security lines.

There are over 5,000 public and 14,000 private jet airports accessible by private jets — way more than just 500 airports available to commercial airlines. This provides far more options to land closer to your final destination.

What’s more, a private jet can have you airborne within 30 minutes of arriving at the airport, allowing you to maximise your time.

Note: The figures above are a mere estimate. There are a lot more private jet airports around the world.


2. Increased Flexibility and Convenience

A private jet offers a luxury travel experience with customised flexibility and convenience. You have the freedom to choose the airports, departure times, and amenities that meet your unique needs.


Increased flexibility


Private terminals provide a quick and seamless boarding experience away from crowded commercial airports. In-flight, enjoy spacious cabins, premium catering, entertainment options, and wifi connectivity. Upon landing, you can disembark immediately without waiting for other passengers or luggage. Private ground transportation can then swiftly transport you to your destination.


3. Enhanced Privacy and Security

Travelling on a private jet offers maximum privacy and security for you and your guests. The cabin is reserved exclusively for your party with no strangers onboard.

Private hangars and terminals provide discrete boarding without public access or visibility. Sensitive documents and valuables can be securely stored onboard without concern. For government officials, corporations, and celebrities requiring discretion, a private jet is the ideal solution.


4. Cost-Efficiency for Groups

Although private jets are perceived as a luxury primarily for the wealthy, chartering a jet can be a cost-efficient option for groups. By splitting the total cost among more passengers, the private jet price per seat can compare favourably to commercial first tickets.

For corporate groups, sports teams, band tours, or medical evacuation, a chartered jet provides a combination of efficiency, flexibility, privacy and potential cost savings versus commercial travel. Chartering a mid-size or large private jet that can accommodate 6 to 16 or more passengers is an attractive option for those seeking an exclusive travel experience.

With the benefits of time savings, flexibility, privacy, and cost efficiency, a private jet is the ideal solution for your next trip. But how do you choose the right private jet size and type? We provide more details below.


How to Choose the Right Private Jet Size and Type

Private jets come in various sizes and types, each offering unique utilities and capacity. A private jet rental cost will largely depend on the type and size you charter, so it’s essential to maximise efficiency by choosing a private jet that works perfectly for your group size and needs.

Here are some considerations to explore when choosing a private jet:

  1. Determine your needs.
  2. Choose between jet categories.
  3. Compare specific jet models.


1. Determine your needs.

The first step is to figure out how many passengers you need to accommodate and how much baggage space is required. Private jets range from very light jets for 4–6 passengers to large luxury jets that can carry up to 19 passengers. Think about whether you need a lavatory, galley, entertainment options, or sleeping quarters for long-haul flights. Knowing your needs will help determine the appropriate aircraft category and size.


2. Choose between jet categories.

There are seven main private jet categories, including:

  • Very Light Jets (VLJs): Typically, they carry 4 to 5 passengers and can travel up to 1,300 nautical miles (NM). They’re best for short hops.
  • Light Jet: Travels longer than VLJs, with up to 2,000 NM in range and a capacity of 5–7 passengers.
  • Midsize Jets: Typically carry 6 to 8 passengers and have a range of up to 3,000 nautical miles. Comfortable for medium distances.
  • Super Midsize Jets: Suitable for 8 to 10 passengers and can travel up to 4,000 nautical miles. Their spacious cabins are ideal for medium to long flights.
  • Heavy Jets & Ultra-Long-Range Jets: Accommodates 10 to 16 passengers and ranges up to 7,700 nautical miles for international flights and extended travel.
  • VIP Airliner: These are luxurious jets for executives. They carry 19 to 50 passengers with a range of up to 6,500 nautical miles.
  • Airliner: These are luxurious jets for executives. They carry up to 500 passengers with a range of up to 9,000 nautical miles.

Your broker can provide recommendations based on your needs and budget. The aircraft you select will determine availability, costs, and travel opportunities.


3. Compare specific jet models.

Once you determine a category, compare the specs and amenities of different models to find one that suits your needs.


Compare specific jet models


Considerations include:

  • Cabin Size and Seating Configuration: Some offer club seating or private cabins.
  • Range and Performance: Important for international travel.
  • Amenities: Options like Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, galleys, and lavatories.
  • Operating Costs: These include fuel consumption, maintenance, crew rates, landing fees, etc. The lower the operating costs, the lower your chartering cost.
  • Availability: Newer aircraft may be limited or not available in your region.

By assessing your needs, the available jet categories, and specific models within your budget, you can choose an aircraft well-suited to your flying requirements. The optimal solution will provide comfort, productivity, and peace of mind for your travels near and far. To help you better estimate your budget, let’s look into how much it costs to rent a private jet.


How Much Does a Private Jet Cost?

There are several factors to consider when estimating private jet rental costs. The type of aircraft, distance of the trip, additional amenities, and the time of year you wish to travel will all impact the total cost of private jet charters.


1. Aircraft Type

The size and type of jet determine a large portion of the charter cost. Turboprops and light jets are the most affordable, ranging from $3,500 to $4,250 per hour. Midsize and super-midsize private jet charter costs $4,500 to $8,500 per hour, while large cabins and ultra-long range jet rental fees begin at $9,500 up to $18,000 per hour.


2. Flight Distance and Duration

Charter quotes are calculated based on the total flight time, factoring in taxi, takeoff, cruising, and landing. Transatlantic and transpacific flights provide the best value per hour. However, additional charges may apply for any stops or layovers during your trip.


3. Amenities and Services

The level of luxury and amenities offered on board also impacts the total private jet rental prices. Options like high-speed WiFi, premium catering, and an onboard lavatory will increase the fees.

Some private jets offer spacious cabins, plush leather seating, and entertainment options. Concierge services to handle ground transportation, accommodations, and leisure activities at your destination may also raise the final private jet charter cost.


4. Seasonality

The time of your travel plays a role in charter quotes. Peak seasons around holidays and major events tend to have the highest demand and most expensive rates.

You can often save up on charter costs by flying mid-week or in the off-season during January through April and September through mid-December. Booking at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance will also help secure the best available deal.

By exploring these factors, you can get a good estimate of the total cost of chartering a private jet. Be prepared for rates at the higher end of the scale if booking last minute, travelling on short notice, or flying during peak seasons. On the bright side, you can save costs through a private jet membership package when available. For a more detailed estimate, contact Unnamara Aviation.

After finalising your private jet charter costs, the next step is to book your flight. There are different options for this, and we’ll walk you through them below.


How to Book a Charter Flight

Chartering a private jet requires working with either an operator or a broker to book your flight. Operators own and operate their fleet of aircraft, while brokers have access to thousands of private jets worldwide through operator partnerships. Both options provide a high level of service for arranging your charter flight.


Option A: Working With an Operator

Charter operators own and manage their private jets. While booking directly with an operator may provide access to their fleet at a lower cost, their available aircraft are limited to the types they own and operate. Operators handle all aspects of your charter flight, including pilots, crew, maintenance, and customer service.


Option B: Using a Broker

Private jet brokers like Unnamra Aviation have access to a vast network of charter operators and their fleets. Brokers provide a one-stop solution for chartering a private jet that best suits your needs. They handle the time-consuming process of comparing aircraft options, availability, and pricing across their network.

Private jet broker

Brokers work on your behalf to find the optimal solution for your charter flight at the best value. They also manage the entire booking process, providing a seamless experience and high-level customer service.


Why Work With Unnamra Aviation?

For a hassle-free booking experience, contact Unnamra Aviation. We are a UAE-based private jet charter offering services worldwide to government officials, musicians, and business executives.

To get started, provide details about your itinerary, including departure and arrival airports, number of passengers, baggage requirements, and any special requests. Your dedicated broker will review availability and pricing options and then provide a full itinerary for your charter flight. We remain available around the clock leading up to and during your trip to handle any changes or resolve any issues that may arise.

Chartering a private jet through Unnamra ensures a tailored experience, unparalleled service, and access to a vast fleet of aircraft. Our brokers work diligently on your behalf to create a seamless experience from initial booking through the completion of your charter flight.

When it comes to luxury travel, nothing beats chartering your own private jet. Let us handle the details so you can start your journey in style!

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does A Private Jet Cost To Charter?

The cost to charter a private jet can vary greatly, with hourly rates ranging from $3,500 to $18,000. The exact price is influenced by factors such as the jet’s size, make, model, and age. Choosing the right aircraft for your needs can help manage the costs.


Is It Worth It To Charter A Private Jet?

Chartering a private jet can be worth the investment if you prioritise time, privacy, and comfort and have the financial means.


Is It Cheaper To Fly A First-class Or Private Jet?

Generally, flying first class is cheaper than chartering a private jet. However, small groups travelling together in a private jet can save more money compared to booking individual first-class tickets. It’s about balancing cost with the personalised service and flexibility that private jets offer.



You now know how to charter a private jet the right way. With the tips provided in this guide, you can determine the right aircraft, operator, and flight details for your luxury travel needs. Careful planning and vetting will ensure your journey is safe, efficient and exceeds expectations.

Investing in a private jet charter pays dividends in convenience, comfort and exclusivity. So, do your research ahead, book your flight, and experience private aviation done right.

You deserve the first-class treatment that charter services reliably provide. Contact trusted brokers, get quotes and start your private jet adventure. The skies await!